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Some of the photographs are astounding, all are superb Prof David Blake on 'The Classical Buildings of Bath'

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Berlin-London acknowledged as one of The Spectator's Books of the Year 2019

My book published on behalf of the Wiener Holocaust Library, Berlin-London the lost photographs of Gerty Simon was chosen as a superb contribution to the reading year. It is now in its 2nd print-run


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The Spottiswoode Family Papers

A vast account of the lives of the Spottiswoode family: printers, publishers, film-makers.

'Thought you should know that your wonderful contribution to Francesca’s book has received a glowing reception on this side of the Atlantic.  It has produced endless compliments for being such a handsome volume and people have found it extremely readable.  They mention not only the content but the presentation of such a huge amount of information which has been so successfully integrated with the pictures.

Roger Spottiswoode, director, Bond films

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A beautiful book
David Mellor, Alec French Architects

Stephen Morris is a superlative photographer with a great eye for detail - bringing the very three-dimensional art of architecture alive in a two-dimensional format
George Ferguson, Architect, ex-president RIBA, elected Mayor of Bristol

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A History of Wraxall Court

Anthony Richards

A privately published title for the owners of this beautiful, historic and little-known house in the Somerset countryside. Printed in an addition of 110 copies, 196 pages and beautifully illustrated in full colour.

We must congratulate you on a great achievement, the layout and qulaity of the illustrations are particularly impressive. Anthony is on cloud nine.

David and Kay Ord

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Remembering Eltisley's Fallen 1914-1918

I was approached by this Cambridgeshire village to produce a hardback book with illustrations and diary extracts, recounting the story of the village in wartime and the men who died.


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Exhibtion and catalogue design for Wiener Library of the Holocaust


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Berlin-London: the lost photographs of Gertie Simon

Published May 2019 to accompany the exhibtion at the Wiener Library and Museum, Bloomsbury. Photographs from the cultural melee of Weimar Germany and, after escaping Nazi rule, pre-war London, a superb archive of photographs and memorablia recently donated to the Wiener Library of the Holcaust

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